DIY Jumbo Knotless Rope Twists

DIY Jumbo Knotless Rope Twists

Do you prefer knotless or box braids/twists?⁠


I love the look of knotless styles but I wasn’t comfortable with doing the feed in approach.My initial plan to prepare for baby girl’s arrival was to get my braids professionally done but with her being born a month early – it threw off my wholeeee agenda!

Welp, I took matters into my own hands! Watch to see how I achieved these jumbo knotless rope twists in less than 2 hours with a simple hack! ⁠


Products used:

Shine N Jam Extra Hold

Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Patrol Mousse

Dr. Miracles Oil Free Tress Braiding Hair 301 (used 1.5 packs)

Parting Comb

Rubber Bands


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