Tips to Drink More Water for Improved Health & Skin + 7 Day 💦 Water Challenge! Click to join!

7 Day 💦 Water Challenge!


We all know water is great for your skin, health, and overall wellbeing! Last week, I focused on consuming 100 oz of water daily and loved how my body felt, skin looked and the extra boost of energy that I got! After sharing my journey on my Instagram stories and gaining interest from you all wanting to learn more, I decided to create this challenge starting Monday, 4/13! Click here to join!

What to expect?

  • Daily check-ins: I will be checking in with you daily to encourage you to reach your goal and to check in on your progress
  • Group accountability with others in the group as well as I will be sharing my progress, too!
  • Results! In order for you to best track your results, I encourage you to keep a journal of how you feel physically and mentally. I’ve made it super easy for you to track by creating this graphic! I will be posting this daily with my results on my Instagram story and encourage you to do the same to keep yourself accountable and to easily reflect on your progress! Save it for your stories, write how you feel daily and then post it and tag me so I can see how you’re progressing! Take pictures before and after of your skin to visually see the difference.

Tips to drink more water without even thinking about it!

  1. One of the easiest ways to add more water into your routine is by drinking it first thing in the morning! 
    • I ordered the below water bottle from Amazon and loveee it! It’s the perfect size to easily transport around the house and on the go when quarantine is over!
    • The water bottle has time marked water lines to keep you on target with your daily goals, straw to easily drink out of the bottle and you can pop it open with one hand!
    • Motivational messages on the water bottle to keep you going even after the challenge!
    • I prefer to have a refillable bottle to break down the 100z into refills to easily vs. seeing 100 oz of water in one large container! Mentally, I like the idea of breaking down my goals (all goals) into smaller goals versus one large daunting goal!
    • At the end of the night, refill it and place it by your bedside so that it’s the first thing you reach for in the morning! Click here or the image below to order it and get it in 2 days with Amazon prime.

2. As soon as you finish drinking your water bottle, fill it up!

  • Don’t wait until you feel like getting back up or your next bathroom break. Do it as soon as you are finished so you can easily keep on track! The longer you wait to refill it, the more time you will lose and before you know it it’s 6 pm and you only drank 32oz! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️This trick will also get you more active during the day to get you up and moving more frequently in addition to the bathroom breaks!

3. Drink water before every meal.

  • If you are making dinner at home, sip while you cook and prep. If you’re out at a restaurant, ask for water when the server comes around to take drink orders. If you’re waiting for your lunch to heat up or your toast to pop, drink water while doing it. Even if you’re putting together a snack, drink that water. It’s just a simple rule that will help you drink more water. Once you establish these little “rules,” you’ll find that you’re doing it almost automatically without having to think about it or put much effort into it at all.

4. Add flavor to your water

  • Infuse your water with fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries or cucumber to give it a hint of flavor!

5. Drink room temperature water.

  • It’s easier to chug room temp water than ice cold water. The brain freeze for one is too much lol and room temperature water allows you to consume more water in less time.

6. Set a reoccurring timer for every hour to remind you to check on your progress!

  • It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day with a to do list a mile long, family and work taking over the day! Setting a timer will definitely keep you aligned to your goals!

Benefits of Water:

  • Enhanced exercise performance. Being adequately hydrated can enhance physical performance by preventing fatigue, controlling body temperature, and reducing oxidative stress during intense workouts
  • Keeps you regular. Inadequate water intake has been associated with increased risk of constipation. When there is too little water in the colon, stools harden and become more difficult to pass
  • Weight management. Drinking enough water may affect weight loss by increasing satiety and enhancing metabolic rate. One study found that drinking about 17 ounces (0.5 liters) increased metabolism by 30%
  • Brain function. Maintaining adequate hydration helps your brain function at its best ability. Research demonstrates that even mild dehydration can impair brain function, memory, and cognition in adults
  • Prevents and treats headaches. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches and migraines. Depending on the type of headache, increasing water intake may help relieve headaches in those who are dehydrated
  • Promotes skin health. Increased water intake can help moisturize the skin and increase skin elasticity, keeping it hydrated and healthy

So, now you are all suited and booted for this 7 day challenge!

I can’t wait to see your results in the challenge. Feel free to share with a friend who should join!


Click here to join!

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