Baecation to New Orleans!🍹

Y’all, I.Am. On. Count.Down! Like rets ta go! This week, the hubby and I are taking a #Baecation to New Orleans! Can we talk about how happy I am?

Things that make me happy:

  1. Spending time with Bay
  2. Food (Close tie for #1!)
  3. New experiences
  4. Reasons to dress up (#ProfessionalDresserUpper)

Let’s also talk about how all of these things will be achieved on this trip:

✔️Quality time with Bay

✔️Indulging in delectable dishes

✔️Exploring a new city while

✔️Engaging in new experiences!

✔️Slaying 💁🏽

I absolutely love to travel! Maybe it’s my background? 🤔  My dad was in the Navy which led to us living all across the United States from as far as Mississippi, to Virginia and even overseas in Italy. I am no stranger to a long car ride or hopping on a plane.

Not to mention, while growing up, my parents were the king and queen of road trips! We would frequently visit my family down south traveling from our home in Chicago to Mississippi, Tennessee, St. Louis or Atlanta to name a few.  When it came to preparing for a road trip, my mom DID. NOT.PLAY. Point blank period. Talking about suited and booted? Babbbby! She would have capri suns, choice of ham, turkey or salami sandwiches accompanied by fried chicken in aluminum foil and snacks for our trip. We would want for nothing. She would even have the wet ones to wipe your hands, pillows to sleep on and blankets just for us to be knocked out under.  Until this day, she is known for this. We just visited family in St. Louis this fall and my cousin who rode with us specifically was looking forward to the snacks and accommodations that come with traveling with my mom. Rest assure, my cousin wasn’t disappointed! Now, y’all already know I get sidetracked. I digress.


Nonetheless, I am beyond excited to take this Baecation to Nawlins (New Orleans!) As much as I have traveled down south, I have never been there! Neither one of us have been. I heard the turn up there is mad real but let’s be clear, I am really excited about the food. From creole dishes with my favorite seafood entrees to trying the world famous beignets, I am ready to see what’s the hype is about! Where are you favorite places to go or things to do in New Orleans? Comment below! Look out for my recap when I get back!

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