TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? Your reputation! 5 Things NOT to do at your Company’s Holiday Party

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? Your reputation! 5 Things NOT to do at your Company’s Holiday Party

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? Your reputation
5 Things NOT to do at your Company Holiday Party


Company parties can be a great chance to get to know your coworkers outside of work, seeing everyone dressed to the nine and really just to have a fun night! However, keep these things in mind or you may be the talk of the night but not for positive reasons…

#5 NO EXTRA SHORT OR TIGHT CLOTHES: Yes, it’s a holiday party where you want to show up and show out but be smart, like come on, you know better. In high school, we had set rules for proper attire. If you put your hands to your side and your clothes were shorter than that, then it was too short! Apply that same rule to the company party and you will be good in the hood. This is not the club this is a company party. Sure, be the Beyoncé of your company. Slay! But, be Beyoncé in Halo not Beyoncé in Drunk in Love! Just. Don’t. Do. It

#4 NO TWERKING: As soon as you feel your back begin to arch and hands drop to the top of your thighs, STOP. You have gone too far. Straighten your back, get you a glass of water and sat it on down, not sit, sat. Period. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

#3 NO SHOTS: The purpose of a shot is to enhance the progression of your level of inebriation (aka get tipsy quicker.) WHY would you need to do this at a holiday party, with coworkers, your manager and the CEO of your entire company there? Why? I’ll wait… Just. Don’t. Do. It.

#2 NO GETTING DRUNK. #3 leads us into this. I mean that’s pretty simple and straight to the point. What else do I really need to add to that? Have a drink or two, socialize but keep it cute and classy – not wasted and nasty. If you get drunk, you played yourself. Just. Don’t. Do. It.congratulations dj khaled you played yourself

#1 DON’T FORGET TO LEVERAGE THE OPPORTUNITY: Whether you are a looking to climb the corporate ladder or leveraging you current role to fund your entrepreneurial ventures, keep in mind that you are in a room full of connections. You never know who is watching you, you are still in a professional setting! The manager for a future role you’re interested in pursuing may remember you from pop lock and dropping it on the dance floor. Or the room could be filled with future clients or potential customers for your own business venture, you just never know. Work the room, introduce yourself and let people know who you are! If you don’t take charge of your destiny, who will?  Just. Do. It.

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