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Outfit Post: Birthday Brunch Jumpsuit & Jewelry Details

Outfit Post:

Birthday Brunch Jumpsuit & Jewelry Details

I absolutely loved my birthday brunch outfit and obviously many of you did too with the messages and comments I received asking about my outfit details. Sharing is caring so I am spilling the tea here! It was simply encompassed of all of the features I was looking to have for the day:

  1. Sexy
  2. Flowy
  3. Comfortable

*In my Whitney Houston Voice* Above alllllll this, I needed comfortttt-errrrrrt. And IIIIII, EEE-IIIII, will always love food-oooo-od! 


*Clears Throat*  Um, yeah. I’m back.
Anywho, my birthday brunch was at Fremont in Chicago which is a

brunch buffet with bottomless etaimosas and a day party feel with a live dj the entire day. Grandma l
oves to eat so she needed space for the endless options of prime rib, made to order omelettes & waffles, oysters, shrimp cocktail, etc. With the amazing spread of brunch option

s, I needed an outfit that wouldn’t reveal too much of my consumption. As many food posts that I have done, y’all know I like to eat. Eat, dance, drink, repeat = Sunday Funday!


One of my all time favorite places to shop is Amazon specifically because of Amazon Prime. Order your outfit, get it in 2 days with free shipping and free return shipping if it doesn’t fit!

When it comes to shopping online, everyone always asks how do I find outfits especially since I am not a model size 0. Let’s be clear, I live for the reviews hunty. Reviewers are typically quick to leave feedback with a picture showing them with actual product on. If the it doesn’t look legit, I do NOT commit. (Barsssss!)  With that being said, this item had great reviews and it was prime. Ordered it, tried it on and babyyyyyyy I was sold!

Outfit Details:

Outfit: Latte Jumpsuit link

Jewelry: Branded Royalty Choker link, Midi Connecting Rings link


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2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Birthday Brunch Jumpsuit & Jewelry Details

  1. That Whitney line was so daggone funny! You look really cute and curls are poppin’ hunty!

    1. LOL I am glad you caught it. Did you sing it when you read it though? That is what counts! 🙂

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