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Outfit Post: Birthday Brunch Jumpsuit & Jewelry Details

Outfit Post:

Birthday Brunch Jumpsuit & Jewelry Details

I absolutely loved my birthday brunch outfit and obviously many of you did too with the messages and comments I received asking about my outfit details. Sharing is caring so I am spilling the tea here! It was simply encompassed of all of the features I was looking to have for the day:

  1. Sexy
  2. Flowy
  3. Comfortable

*In my Whitney Houston Voice* Above alllllll this, I needed comfortttt-errrrrrt. And IIIIII, EEE-IIIII, will always love food-oooo-od! 


*Clears Throat*  Um, yeah. I’m back.
Anywho, my birthday brunch was at Fremont in Chicago which is a

brunch buffet with bottomless etaimosas and a day party feel with a live dj the entire day. Grandma l
oves to eat so she needed space for the endless options of prime rib, made to order omelettes & waffles, oysters, shrimp cocktail, etc. With the amazing spread of brunch option

s, I needed an outfit that wouldn’t reveal too much of my consumption. As many food posts that I have done, y’all know I like to eat. Eat, dance, drink, repeat = Sunday Funday!


One of my all time favorite places to shop is Amazon specifically because of Amazon Prime. Order your outfit, get it in 2 days with free shipping and free return shipping if it doesn’t fit!

When it comes to shopping online, everyone always asks how do I find outfits especially since I am not a model size 0. Let’s be clear, I live for the reviews hunty. Reviewers are typically quick to leave feedback with a picture showing them with actual product on. If the it doesn’t look legit, I do NOT commit. (Barsssss!)  With that being said, this item had great reviews and it was prime. Ordered it, tried it on and babyyyyyyy I was sold!

Outfit Details:

Outfit: Latte Jumpsuit link

Jewelry: Branded Royalty Choker link, Midi Connecting Rings link


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Brita Stream Product Review

Sidebar: Maybe I have a thing for the color red 🤔

Anywho, stay focus Ruby lol Recently, I committed to only drinking water, no teas, coffee or juices. The improvements in my skin, energy and my overall feeling has been amazing! Must keep this up! I had juice yesterday and definitely felt the difference – back on track! Did I mention I lost 2 lbs? 💁🏽


Honestly, truly Brita has stepped their drip drip game way up! I remember standing at the sink for what seemed to be 5 days waiting on the pitcher to fill while filtering the water. Now, the new Brita Stream allows you to fill it up quickly and filters rapidly WHILE YOU POUR! Come through with the ingenious idea! Have y’all tried it? Let me know what you think! If not, click below to order it and have it waiting for you at the do’!

💧: Brita Stream

🌹: Compliments of Bay ❤
💅🏽: OPI Cajun Shrimp

I received my Brita Stream complimentary, but all opinions are my own.


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Product Crush of the Week: Maybelline New York Volum Express Mascara

Product Crush of the Week goes to Maybelline New York Volum Express Mascara, Classic Black!

I love how effortlessly this mascara goes on, allowing you to layer for extra thickness without the clumpy look! See the before and after in my video including the lower lash.

This my trusty dusty natural look but for a more dramatic look, apply additional coats!


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