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Ruby’s Recipes: Homemade Biscuits for a good ole’ country meal!

Yes, you can get you some canned or frozen biscuits and smack them in the oven but I can GUARANTEE they won’t last like these. Not to toot my own horn but beep beep ahhhh toot toot. There’s nothing, I mean nothing like some good thick southern biscuits chile! Add honey for a Popeyes feel or jelly for that belly in the morn’ting!  Simple and easy.

When I cook, I just eyeball amounts. However, if I say you need about two shakes of flour you mayyyy not know what I’m talking about. Thus, the hardest about making these biscuits were making sure to capture the correct measurements. You will love the simplicity of this recipe

First things first, I poppa — I mean, first things first, pre-heat the oven to 425°. Work with me y’all! I jams on the 90’s. Preparation is key! Lay out all pf your ingredients, measuring cups and allow butter to begin softening on counter. Trick, place butter right on oven top as the heat will begin to help it melt.


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 stick of softened butter
  • 3/4 cup milk, ( feel free to add less or more per the consistency more)
  • Rolling Pin or (Wine Bottle wrapped in plastic wap. Hey, you gotta make sum shake! 💁🏽)


Using a large mixing bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. It is best to mix them when they are all dry to ensure the ingredients blend well. One of the worst things is biting into a patch of flour or salt! Blend it like you blend that makeup hunt!

If your butter still isn’t softened, fill a glass with water and microwave until boiling. Use a mitten to remove the glass from the microwave, pour out the water and place the butter under the glass with the opening towards the counter. Let it set to soften the butter for about 60 seconds. Repeat if needed.

After ensuring your butter is softened, cut the butter into cubes by cutting it vertically and horizontally. Then, take the butter knife in small sections to make cubes. You will then use a fork to smash the butter into the dry mix until it is a consistent texture. The butter should look like flakes in the mixture. DO NOT USE A MIXER! You want to butter to melt in flakes for that soft fluffy taste.


Now, you will need to slowly add milk into the middle of the mixture. You can use a large mixing spoon for the consistency until thick enough knead with your hands. The mixture should feel thick like dough and slight sticky. If still too dry, slowly add more milk only as needed.

How to roll the dough: Everybody get your roll on, everybody get your …roll on WHAT?!


Sift flour on a open countertop to create an even layer of flour by using a sifter or a cheese grater. (Queen of improvising taught you.) Place the dough on the flour and begin to roll. The thinner you roll the dough, the thinner the biscuit. The thicker you roll it, the thicker the biscuit.






Cut it, cut it, cut it, that dough is way too thick you need to cut ittt!

Once you have gotten it to your desired thickness, use a round glass to cut the dough. Tap the glass into the flour first to create a coating which will prevent it from sticking to the dough. Try to cut the biscuits as closely as possible to avoid any left overs. Look, you bet not waste those leftovers! Take the scraps, roll it in a ball and you got yourself a big ole biscuit. Waste not will not.

Bake for 10 minutes, spread butter on the top and bake another 2 minutes or until golden brown. Now, you can get down on it. Hannnnn.

                                    Finished product!
Breakfast is served! Homemade Biscuits Recipe

How do you like your creation? Comment below!

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Rib eye steak, three cheese macaroni and fresh steamed green beans

16113249_10101857424204287_6236264399738159845_oFresh is where it’s at. Y’all, listen, you don’t know what you’re missing until you eat fresh vegetables. We grew up on fresh vegetables but in college I discovered canned vegetables and frozen broccoli. Look, it was kind of hard out here for a pimppp, when you eating tilapia but really want shrimpppp! I had to make it happen, let’s face it frozen and canned vegetables are just cheaper and quicker but not better for you..

Here’s a quick meal I whipped up for the family tonight. Time is of the essence, this meal took less than an hour from start to finish. Grandma need time to wind down before bed so    dinner needs to be quick and easy so I can catch up on my shows. Yes, grandma loves her shows chile!


Rib Eye Steak (3 for my family)

1lb Fresh Green Beans

Elbow Macaroni Noodles

1lb Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

1lb Mozzarella Cheese

1lb Monterey Jack Cheese

1/2 cup milk



Black Pepper

Onion Powder

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt




Fresh Green Beans

Fresh green beans are more work but definitely worth the effort. Anything worth having is worth working for! Yes, maybe I got too deep on green beans, but that’s how passionate I am about them 😂

Prepare green beans by snapping the brown ends off and revealing the inner freshness of the vegetable. Place in sauvers, add water to the bottom of the pan and cook on low. The green beans take the longest to cook thus prepare and cook them first.

Macaroni & Cheese

Pre-heat oven for 400 degrees while beginning to boil the noodles. Fill pot halfway with water, dash of salt and oil to prevent noodles from sticking to each other. Once boiling, add 8 0z (half the box of noodles) until soft. Easy way to check, scoop a noodle with a spoon and sample for texture. Hey, I am not a fancy chef, I do things that work. 💁🏽 Don’t replace spoon back in water, because, well, that’s just nasty – unless you’re just feeding your family. They drink off your cups and always eat off you plate anyway. 😂

Strain noodles in colander then place into baking pan. Quickly add cheeses as noodles will be hot and will begin melting the cheese. Spread evenly in the pan and place in oven until ooooey gooey approximately 10 minutes.

Rib Eye Steak

Steak is best prepared when it is room temperature. If a steak is freezing cole, it won’t cook as evenly and it doesn’t absorb the seasonings as easily. Tenderize the meat Season the rib eye steak with lawless, pepper and onion powder by sprinkling the seasonings evenly on both sides. Add oil to the skillet and cook on medium high for 5 minutes on each side until dark brown crust begins to form on bottom, cook 7 minutes for medium well.

Now, place on a fancy plate and take a picture for the gram. Instagram stunting!


What are you favorite quick meals?

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5 Airplane Etiquette Tips to Save your Life!

5 Airplane Etiquette Tips to Save your Life

With my recent travel, I have noticed people don’t neccessarily know simple airplane etiquette that can save their lives! We already have to be in this cram spaced, with hundreds of people we don’t know for hours on end.

With that being said, there’s just standard airplane etiquette that I assumed people just knew. Well, you know what they say about assumptions…

#1 Sanitation Etiquette: If you’re sick,keep it to yourself!


Honestly, truly, (in my fur) you sneezing, coughing and carrying on right next to me may lend you an evil eye or extra elbow nudge. The reality is, you knew you were sick before you got your narrow tail on the plane.

Granted, no one can foresee when they will be sick but you didn’t just realize you were sick while boarding this plane. So, then why wouldn’t you plan accordingly?

    • Bring tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze.
    • Bring hand sanitizer to use after said sneeze or cough.
    • Bring cough drops to curb that death cough that seems to cause you to practically expel your lung. Take an immune system builder.

These young whipper snappers have new products to take to help aid in the prevention of getting sick such as airborne. I will have to admit; I’ve tried it for my last trip and did NOT get sick! So, definitely worth a shot (Insert hyperlink for amazon)

Old school mama remedies work just as well. Nothing like some good ole’ fish oil tablets or acidophilus still works wonders. #TrustyDusty

#2 Seat Etiquette:

Window Seat Sitter: If you like sitting by the window, please get all your stuff before you sit down.

  • Nothing is worst as an aisle sitter, than getting up to let the window sitter and middle sitter sit down just for the window sitter to want to get up tp get their iPad 15 minutes later.
  • Now, you knew you wanted you iPad during the flight, why didn’t you get it out before you sat down? I’ll wait.200-1.gif

Middle Seat Sitter: You are the one to bring the row together or apart. Please stay in your lane aka your seat.

  • No, don’t lean closer towards my side because we are not cool.
  • No, don’t try to use the left armrest – that’s not yours. Everyone gets one armrest. Not 2 because you’re in the middle. One. You know the rules, don’t ever try to play me.

Aisle Seat Sitter: Let’s not forget about the forgotten aisle seater.

  • You most likely chose that seat because you like having extra room. Well, guess what, that comes with other responsibilities.
  • You are the person that’s going have to get up for every restroom break, overhead bin rummage and stretch needed.
  • Don’t get mad and roll your eyes when people need to get up. You choose this life, it didn’t choose you. Get up, move to the left and let a playa go tinkle. Hey, I am not bias in this rant. 💁🏽

#3 Electronics Etiquette:

This is an iPhone not a wePhone. This is an iPad not a wePad. This is mine.Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 8.24.01 PM.png

    • I’m scrolling through my social media pages.
    • I’m playing my games on my phone.
    • I’m listening to my music.
    • I’m writing my blog posts on my iPad.
    • Mine. Mine. Mine.

I don’t need you sneaking with your peripherals looking at my phone. What did your teacher always say? Keep your eyes on your own paper 📝

#4 Sleep Etiquette:

We board the plane and exchange small conversation about our travels, why we are traveling, who we are visiting, how long we will be there. Cool. I love talking to people and find their stories to be quite interesting! Yet, I have a distinguished ability to read individuals verbal and nonverbal language.

How to know when to shut up:200-3.gif

  • If you’re engaged in an interesting conversation as passenger’s board, there’s signs to indicate if that conversation will continue or not.
  • If the flight attendant gains everyone’s attention for the safety presentation and you see the other party put on their headphones, the conversation is over.
  • If the other party speaks about being tired and ready to take off (so they can sleep), the conversation is over.
  • If the other party begins to wrap up in their sweater, travel blanket or coat, the conversation is over.
  • If they lay their heads back on the seat or on the window, the conversation is over.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not tap on the other party to ask a question while their eyes are closed. Unless you’re telling me the plane is on fire, don’t wake me up. Even if I’m fake sleep because I just want to relax, don’t try to wake me up.

I legit had someone wake me up to ask me if I wanted gum for takeoff 👀

Just let me sleep, so I can be great. When I’m rested, I will kick the bobos with you the whole flight but if not, I will want to kick you from keeping me from getting my sleep 😩 Read the signs – they’re quite clear.

#5 Conversation Etiquette:

It’s a 10pm flight, the lights are dim but yet and still you feel your conversation with your friend, who is sitting right next to you, should sound like their in a different state?!?

With the lack of light and conversation taking place on the flight, do you think anyone wants to hear your loud bantering? Absolutely not!

Be easy: you’re doing what they call, the most! Understand your surroundings and be mindful of those who are trying to take a nap, keep their baby sleep (because who wants to hear a crying baby on a flight) or simply not trying to hear your cacklin’!


If you follow this simple advice, you are bound to avoid getting elbowed, side eyed or even worse, cursed out. Save your life, take my advice.

What is your advice on airplane etiquette?

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Stuffed Bell Peppers in 5 Steps

Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

When you want to be fake fancy while serving a real family, this is a quick and easy go to! The reality is, who has time to live in the kitchen when there’s a list of other things to tackle such as drinking wine and catching up on your shows? Not I said the cat, not I. Look, don’t judge me.


4 Green Peppers

1lb Ground Turkey or Ground Beef

1/2 cup of brown rice (Get that minute rice if you have to, shoot!)

1/2 cup water

1 Medium Red Onion

1 Garlic Clove

1 teaspooon Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 can of tomato sauce

Only 5 Steps, then hit play on your DVR!

  1. The rice will always take the longest! Add rice and water into pot until boiling point. Then, reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 375 to get it percolating. (It’s time for the perculator, it’s time for the perculator. Dewwwww Dewwwww! Ok, ok, ok I am back!)
  2. Ground turkey is tricky to cook, if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m not going to leave you hangin’ playa! Chop onions, garlic clove and season ground turkey with black pepper, onion powder and Lawrys at the very beginning! Ground turkey has to absorb that flavor or it will be bland. If you’re using ground beef, feel free to season throughout the browingine process. Stir constantly who mincing the meat.
  3. While the rice and meat cooking, you can prepare your green peppers. You can either chop the green peppers in half through the stem or cut the top off. It is all a matter of preference. I prefer them cut horizontally as they seem to cook evenly and are easier to season. Drizzle peppers with olive oil, salt and pepper to ensure they have flavor, too. Place on glass or non stick dish with opening face up.
  4. Mix rice, ground meat, tomato sauce and fill the green peppers with the mixture. Cover them with aluminum foil and place in oven for 25 minutes. add cheese for the last 5 minutes for the finishing touches.
  5. Serve on swanking table setting with garnish of your choice. Oh, you fancy huh?!

Want to be fancy? Use long sweet peppers to swank up your next dinner party!

Want to be healthier? Hold the cheese!


What’s your favorite quick and easy dinner recipes?

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Trap Transalations

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-8-18-52-pmIf you know me, you know I love all music. From one of my first purchased albums being  Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill to, ironically, my next favorite album being Jagged Edge, Jagged Little Pill. Jagged Edge is my favorite group of ALL TIME! Point blank period. Owned all their albums and still listen to them to this day! “Can’t take another heartbreak…Why’d you do the things you did, knowing that I loved you so babyyy!”“Can’t take another heartbreak…Why’d you do the things you did, knowing that I loved you so babyyy!” I digress. I know, I know the sidetracking in me never left. I love to paint a story, I can’t help it 😂

Now, that’s the r&b/pop side of me who you will catch listening to Trey Songz on repeat, my favorite male artist (Have y’all listen to his covers? His mixtape are equivocal to his albums! Yuuuup), being a Belieber and of course sipping on my Lemonade with Yonce. The other side of me, loves trappin’ out the bando.  Yes, I mean Future, Torey Lanez,  2 Chainz and artist alike. 👀

Are you judging me?

Like one of my mentors in my head, Shonda Rhimes, THE SHONDA RHIMES says in her book, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, you will not come up on my page judging me.

There is something about working tay_tay_fall_down.gif
out hearing the rap music blare in your ear motivating you to get snatched while you find your “tempo like I’m DJ mustard whew!”
or motivating you to just get it done -whatever “it” is. No excuses. No complaints. Just trapping out the bando!

Besides random mumbling of disoriented lyrics with lack of substance that some rap songs have, sometimes all you need is a good beat. Like people kill me thinking everything has to be deep! Not all music is deep. Some music is specifically made for you to wipe off your head, shoulders, knees, toes because you ON! B-O-O-S-I-E B-A-D – ok, sorry I just mentally got turned up. I’m back, I’m back.! My point is there’s good music with clear meaning, depth and strong messaging, dance music with fun catchy lyrics to make you pop lock and drop it and some music that falls in between.

In this edition of Trappin Translations, we will visit the contributions of the orginator of one of my favorite motivational songs in the fine art of rap. Big Sean (Boooooiii!) is the artist whom created  “Bounce Back.” The lyrics read,

Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back
Wake up every morning, by the night, I count stacks

Trap Transalation:

Let’s talk about this, last night he took an L also known as a loss but by the end of the night he was able to bounce back. He was able to recuperate what he had loss rather it be his focus, his ability to achieve a goal or a certain amount of funds.  Despite the situation that could have defeated him, discouraged him from pushing forward to prosper in his day, he was able to persevere by the end of that very same day. Talking about motivation?!?

Rather wanting to start your own business, climbing the corporate ladder, you should want to have this same mindset that one day can change anything!

Any day that you don’t, as Big Sean says in this song, wake up in “beast modeeee”, or not dedicated to your craft or showcasing your talents is a day that you can miss out on that opportunity! You never know who is watching you or whom you may encounter that day. It could be a influential customer who unexpectedly promotes your business or senior management who notices the astounding work your have been doing on a project. You just never know!

What is one of your favorite rap/trap songs? If you would like for me to review a certain song, drop your suggestions below!

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