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Easy Flat Twist Style

Cute Wash 💦 N’ Go Style!⁠ Press play to see an easy style using Wetline Xtreme Gel, Creme of Nature Twisting Cream and Wrapperoo protective styling cape! ⁠ ⁠


Share this style with a➰curlfriend👇🏾!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠


Do you have a product you want me to review? Comment below or email me!



FTC Disclaimer:
Please be aware that links listed might be affiliate links which means is that by clicking them and purchasing through them, you are helping me earn credits or money towards helping me, my family, and my channel! It won’t cost you any extra money 🙂

At times, products mentioned may have been sent to me for free for my HONEST opinion and review and at times I may be compensated for it.

All information, and video are the property of ToBeRuby, and should not be used anywhere else before permission has been approved. All thoughts and comments are just that and ToBeRuby will not be held liable for actions of others.

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Fave nudes! (Lippies💄, that is 👀😂)

Fave nude lippies - NYX Praline & Madeline

You know how some nude lipsticks make your lips look dry, chapped and like Tyrone Biggums? Well, that’s not the look I like to go for! 😂


Showing you my favorite nude lippies that are STAYING in my purse right now! What’s your fave nude lip?


Products used:

NYX Cosmetics Praline

NYX Cosmetics Madeline

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Wrapperoo – Protective Styling Cape for Hair & Makeup


Hate having a dripping wet shirt full of product on wash day?


Sis, me too! Well, Houston, we have a solution!

Wrapperoo is a protective styling cape you can use on to keep you dry on wash day with wet hair dripping all over the place, prevent product or hair dye from staining your clothes and you can even use it when applying makeup!


Watch to see my full review!


Thank you to Wraperoo for sending me this product to try out! If you try this out, please come back and let me know your thoughts!

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Styling a Twist-out: Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Review

Would you wear this style? 👍🏾 or 👎🏾

Quick ⏰and cute 💁🏽‍♀️way to style a twist out!⠀

Have you tried Revlon Realistic’snew Black Seed Oil Collection? I used their collection to create this style!❤️ #Ad

Products used from Revlon Realistic line:⠀

– Strengthening 💦Shampoo⠀

– Strengthening 💪🏽Conditioner⠀

– Butter Creme✨ (Leave in)⠀

– Twisting ➿Pudding⠀

– Edge 💖Control⠀

Tell me if you wear this style below!⠀

Thank you to Brown Girls Blog and Revlon Realistic for sending me this collection! ❤️🤗

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Do you air dry or sit under a dryer?

Do you let your hair ➰air dry your or use a dryer? Chime in below! 👇🏾⠀

I typically air 🌬dry my hair. This time, my twists were still slightly damp 🤦🏽‍♀️and was running short on time ⏰. ⠀

So, I sprayed heat protectant on my hair then sat under my Gold N’ Hot Bonnet Blow Dryer blow dryer attachment with low heat and BOOM – dry hair!

Here’s the link to the dryer attachment I’m using in the pic!

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Sleek Bun/Ponytail on Thick Natural Hair

Your hair is thicker than a snicker but you want a sleek bun?

How sis? How? 😩

I went through the same struggle! I would try to do a sleek bun while my hair was wet and it would bomb at first..then puff right back up as it began to dry! 🙄 …until I tried the multiple ponytail method!

If your hair is thick like mine, 1 ponytail is just not going to cut it! Watch my full tutorial on how to achieve this sleek look on thick natural hair using Aussie’s Miracle Curl collection.


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DIY: How to Clean & Fix Your Broken Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup 💄 brushes? 👀

 Sis, I am not judging you 😂 We all get so busy with the daily grind that we may often forget about things like cleaning our makeup brushes! Think about it though – you invest in a skin care regiment with cleansers, toners, serums etc. but then put old dirty brushes on your face? 🤔 “Well Ruby, when you say it like that…” lol We want this skin to be pampered all the time including with clean brushes!


Even if you are not a skincare enthusiast or daily makeup wearer, you should still take the time to clean your brushes. Regardless if they are just sitting on your vanity or makeup pouch, they are still exposed to dust and germs before going on your face whenever you use them!


How frequently should you clean your makeup brushes?

Rule of thumb is you should clean your brushes once a week! To make it easy to remember, I would recommend doing it during your self-care Sunday. While you have on your facial mask,  give your brushes a “mask,” too!


How do I clean my makeup brushes?

In this video, I am going to show you how to clean your makeup brushes easily with items you probably already have in your kitchen!


How frequently do you clean your makeup brushes? Let me know below! 👇🏾


Beauty with Ruby Tip: If you have a great deal of product build up, make sure to use Dawn dishwashing detergent! It’s theee best to get out the bacteria, grease and grime!



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Festival Inspired Hairstyle – Space Buns, Side Pieces with Gold Accents!

Festival season ready!🎶➰💕


Comment a ☀️if you’re ready for summer! ⁣Here’s a quick and easy style under 10 minutes to rock this upcoming festival season! Y’all, it snowed last weekend in Chicago 😩and I’m just mentally just trying to convince summer to swing my way.

“Summer swing my wayyyy
Sholl look good to meeee
Now, won’t you please swing my wayyyy
Summer swing my wayyyy


Products used:

Wetline Xtreme Professional Extra Hold Wet Line Styling Gel




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How to check if your natural hair products will cause flakes!

Product Cocktail Test


Hello my gems!

Do you pre-check your hair ➰product cocktails🍸? Let me know below. ⁣

Product cocktail is when you mix different products together to achieve a style…but sometimes that mix can cause flakes and debris 🤦🏽‍♀️. ⁣

To avoid that, do a product cocktail check!⁣

It’s such a quick ⏰and easy ✓ way to figure it out! Sinply mix them on your hand 🤚🏾to see if it is a good or bad product cocktail. ⁣

If you liked this video, make sure to come on over to follow my instagram page @ToBeRuby and/or my YouTube by searching ToBeRuby!💕⁣

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VLOG: Color Transformation with Q & A with Professional Colorist!

Hello my gems 💎!

After crazy technical difficulties, I am beyond happy to finally able to show you all the details of my color transformation! You’ll see my color transformation from start to finish with detailed Q & A with professional hairstylist ➰& colorist 🎨 Aymen of! He provides an explanation of the entire process, how to maintain colored natural hair and products used. Watch the full video below for the info and to see more of us clowning the entire appointment!😂😩

Why did I get highlights instead of coloring full head?

I went for the highlights as I wanted a change but wasn’t ready to commit to a full head of color! Prior to this, my hair had only been colored 1 time when I was in high school yearssss ago. So, it’s been a minute since having to care for colored hair and wanted to baby step into it to ensure I didn’t damage my hair in the process.


What was the process?

As apart of the process with my Colorist, Aymen, I went in for a color consultation where he did a strand test of coloring my hair to see how it reacted to the color, how quickly it colored and to ensure the health of my hair and my curls weren’t impacted!

To keep my desire to color my hair a secret from everyone (including my husband!) I hid the strand teat patch in my hair for 3 weeks before getting the highlights! Watch the video to see how I almost ruined to surprise for my husband 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

I hope you enjoy watching this detailed video with the Q & A with professional Hairstylist & Colorist Aymen. I wanted to ensure anyone else interested in coloring their hair could come get their questions answered all in 1 video while seeing the full process!


Questions asked to Colorist:

  1. What causes blonde color treated hair to look ashy/dusty on naturals?
  2. Once it gets to that ashy/dusty look, how can you bring the blonde back to life?
  3. How much product should I expect to use to color hair?
  4. Why is saturation important in the coloring process?
  5. How long does each step in the process take?


Let me know if you like the honey blonde highlights 🍯or my natural cold black hair better? Vote below! 👇🏾


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